Custom Solutions:

Our customized solutions department’s first goal is to understand your business. With that knowledge we begin with a blank page and develop a customized marketing solution with your specific goals in mind. We bring innovative marketing concepts to life by pushing our suppliers harder than anyone else to make sure your marketing executions live outside the box.

We start by guaranteeing that we will get your business onto page 1 of organic search listings for all major search engines without spending a penny on SEO, SEM or PPC. We are the exclusive resellers of patent-pending technology, approved by Google that delivers global results for our clients that no one has ever seen before.

In the world of media, the primary method in which clients and/or agencies invest in media is through buying GRP’s or Gross rating Points. This is what we like to call: The Dots & Spots Approach where research dictates the best media venues to proceed with, budgets determine how heavy the campaign can be and costs are negotiated with suppliers.

However, as media habits change the old Dots & Spots approach is proving to be more and more difficult for advertisers to be pervasive enough to break through the clutter and reach their target audience.

At Blank Page Marketing instead of selling a Dots & Spots marketing solution we help to ensure that your marketing and media investments deliver measureable results.

Our secret is integration!

Using a multi-layered approach our concepts integrate various types of media together to deliver a synergized approach that not only reaches, but captivates & engages your target consumers.

Let us show you how.